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World of Warcraft SOM Classic

World of Warcraft SOM Classic

WoW Classic Season of Mastery, a fresh start for Vanilla-Classic players! Season of Mastery is a 12-month content cycle where players start out brand new at level 1 on a new server, completely resetting WoW Classic's content into a compressed release cycle. This will feature several quality of life changes, increased experience rates, more challenging raids, and adjustments to curtail powerleveling and boosting. It also introduces the Soul of Iron debuff for those who wish to take on a Hardcore challenge.

You will want to equip your character with the best possible gear: armor, weapons and more. If you lack the necessary cash, you can quickly and easily buy WoW SoM Classic Gold, the official in-game currency, at MMOGA. Whether you like to buy your weapons and armor from a merchant or prefer to acquire the materials to craft your own equipment, you can safely buy WoW SoM Classic Gold at MMOGA!